Director of People

Nairobi, Nairobi County, Kenya



The Director of People supports Busara’s growing global team from its headquarters in Kenya. This is a strategic level position that cuts across Busara with a focus on building the absolute best people at our organization in terms of talent, productivity, and satisfaction.

In five years, Busara has grown from four people in one office to over 120 across the region, with active projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Nigeria. Our staff is diverse, with our Nairobi office comprised of a strong Kenyan team as well as an expatriate team hailing from nearly a dozen countries. We also have a Uganda team and a growing Nigeria staff, which will be expanding further in 2018.

Busara is a behavioral science organization that uses rigorous data and cutting-edge research methods in all of its work, and our People team is no different. As a firm driven by human capital, our people drive everything we do, from our engagements to our culture. Our value as a firm comes from our exceptional people.

Whether it’s using the latest in sensors and technology, apps for mental health improvement, developing bias-free hiring processes, or data-driven performance reporting, we expect our Director of People to be at the cutting edge of the field and embrace a scientific and rigorous approach to developing people.

The Director of People will lead our efforts to recruit, train, and maintain a world class team of people from a rich diversity of experiences and backgrounds. The Director will liaise across teams to lead our data-driven hiring cycles, learning and training initiatives, HR administration, performance management, wellness, and to inform our growth strategy, all while ensuring our culture stays at the heart of everything we do.

The ideal candidate is an experienced, entrepreneurial professional and out of the box thinker who truly values people, understands organizational culture, and can inspire and lead our People team to deliver the best possible value for Busara and our staff. The ideal Director is also dynamic, confident, continually abreast of industry best practices, and constantly working to make sure Busara is a top place to work.

Our Director of People reports to the Director of Operations, with direct coordination with our Chief Executive Officer and Chief Strategy Officer.


Our Director of People leads a variety of initiatives including, but not limited to:


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