Engagement Director

Nairobi, Nairobi County, Kenya


Engagement Directors are the primary leaders in the projects division at Busara, responsible for leading the planning, strategy, and trajectory of Busara engagements. Engagement Directors have two primary responsibilities at Busara -- structuring and supervising an active portfolio of projects, and developing partnerships to design and develop new engagements for their portfolio.

Engagement Directors are the primary portfolio managers for all external Busara projects, supervising a set of engagements each staffed with different project management teams. Engagement Directors are expected to be able to quickly gain an expert understanding of a particular problem or research question and use all tools at their disposal, both within and outside Busara, to design, structure, and supervise an engagement to the highest possible degree. Engagement Directors are expected to have strong management skills and be comfortable driving all aspects of potential Busara engagements. Engagement Directors will manage projects that apply rigorous research methods to identify novel, evidence-based solutions to challenging client needs. Engagement Directors will primarily supervise a team of talented associates to deliver research insights in a compelling way that lead to action.

Additionally, Engagement Directors take a larger role in supporting the growth and sustainability of the global operations. As you start to hone your industry and technical expertise, you will help build valuable relationships that generate business opportunities for Busara. Engagement Directors have a great deal of autonomy in the partnerships they build, and as such play a crucial role in shaping the strategy for the organization going forward.

Lastly, Engagement Directors play a crucial role in the organization as members of the senior management team. They will be both critical to developing and overseeing implementation of organizational strategy, defining expansion and growth priorities and playing a key role in internal processes such as hiring, recruiting, and coaching.


Engagement Directors will work to assemble a team of Busara advisors and researchers to structure successful projects that deliver value and knowledge to the client. Core delivery responsibilities include, but are limited to:


In addition to project responsibilities, Engagement Directors also have the following growth responsibilities to ensure the growth and sustainability of the organization:


Lastly, Engagement Directors have the following organizational responsibilities to ensure a healthy and functioning workplace:




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